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How are we helping bring Digital Education to Rural India using Cloud and why AWS is excited about it?
We will show you how our Cloud native collaborative learning platform handles scale, cost and low bandwidth challenges.


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Using Cloud expertise to help bring digital education to rural India


There are 1.3 million schools and 7.5 million teachers all across India. 71% of all the students in India go to the Government Schools.
Solving a problem at such an enormous scale requires effectively leveraging Cloud technologies and a platform built natively ON the Cloud.
Rajeev Annaluru, Caring With Colour – A Manasi Kirloskar Initiative


Digital education is the need of the hour across Government schools in rural India.
Given the scale and the need for economic feasibility, it is imperative that the technology solution is built native to cloud, so that the application is frugal in terms of consuming resources.
Devi Malladi, Enlume Inc

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Discussion with right people lead to solutions



CEO, Enlume

How to develop a competitive pricing strategy for your SaaS business to win your market?

Devi can help you with your SaaS business challenges. He will be available on ALL days during re:Invent.



Chief Architect, Enlume

How to migrate a monolith application to a containerized microservices architecture?

Naren is our lead AWS expert. He will be available on ALL days during re:Invent.


Harish Malladi

Marketing, Enlume

How Enlume can deliver value with a Free PoC for your Cloud transformation.

Harish works with customers and has deep understanding of the internal and external challenges they face in their Cloud journey.
Harish will be available on ALL days during re:Invent. Talk to him about the free PoC.


Narendra Desirazu

Business Development, Enlume

How Enlume can partner with your business to deliver combined value to customers.

Narendra leads our business relationships and AWS partnership initiatives. His technology orientation and customer driven approach will help you gain business value.
Narendra will be available on ALL days during re:Invent.


Sada M

CEO , Vimana

How DevOps on AWS accelerated innovation at Vimana and got us 100% funded on Indiegogo.

Sada is the founder of Vimana, a smart router for digital parenting.
Sada will be available on 27 Nov

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